Can anyone make art scenes/Covers for my story


Hey I’m currently writing a story and I can’t make art scenes or covers because I suck at it but if you’d be interested in making them for me contact me on instagram @NBA_Jordyn
Thank you!


I can


Episode nirvana can help just go to our thread :heartpulse:


Examples are here


[Official Thread for Episode Nirvana]


Hey! I don’t know If you already got a cover you need… but we would really like to help. You can pm me or just post the information here.


This is my cover pop shop! Hope you decide to visit!


Thank you so much can you contact me on instagram or any social media


Yes we can


Okay cool! my instagram name is nba_jordyn just request then i’ll accept and add you back


But I could also add you first if you’d want


I can, go to Edit, Art cover, for Free (improved skills)