Can anyone make bg for me pls

If yes then reply me I will tell you in detail

What kind of background?

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This bg I want just like this one can u make this

Ooooh ok!!
Question is it like a rich boy room or a casual room?
And also does he live in the city?
Sorry again but is it like an aprtment?

Here what I made, sorry if it’s not exact

  • I kinda made a little apartment instead because the door didn’t fit :woman_facepalming:t4:

-if you do use them please credit me @strxylines

Night :

If anyon else is reading and wants to use these backgrounds, please PM me


Also can you add some lights & pls colour the side walls in blue put that sofa on the left side of wall & put that bed to the wall(front), than it will be pretty much good

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Kk I’ll do it now

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Ok thanku but can you give me fast pls

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Sorry but I can’t edit backgrounds at the moment
However I have some similar
-I’m sorry for the inconvenience



Thanku so much but can u do that later this all are amazing but the previous one was so much similar pls do that in this week pls

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I’ll try but I’ll have to see my phone has broke

If you want to take your time you can take but if it is possible can you provide me within this month

I’ll try but I’m not certain for sure, since I’m getting used to a new platform gimp on my laptop until my phone is done

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I re- did it, I had to change the background because there wasn’t a bed like the last that was straight :kissing:

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Thanku so much I will use it It was so amazing but I have a request the room looks like dull one so put some small lights & make it as a day outside of the window then it will be perfect one!! Pls do this…

I re-did it for you :smiley:

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Thanku× infinity dear I will credit you in my story & I am very happy to see that You did the amazing work!!:heart::heart::100::heart_eyes:

Ty!!! It’s no problem

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Hey, I am facing problem to upload this background it says that "Your photo has to be 640 ×1136 pixel can you do that

It won’t work like that it would only be one zone, I’ll resize them

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