Can anyone make it pretty?

I tried my best with this background. But I can’t do anymore.
Can anyone finish it ?

It should look something like this.


Where’d you get the background? Make sure it’s not from any copyrighted sites like Google or Pinterest.

Does it matter?

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You don’t want to get sued for it.

Well I got it from Pixabay.

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that’s fine if ya got it from there.

Why ??
Please explain this copyright stuff.
I have other picture which is a wallpaper of hearts from google and it is already approved.
Will it be a problem?

If you find an image on google and use it without permission of the original owner or without giving credit, you are basically saying it is yours as in you made it yourself and that is copyright you can get sued big time for that.
That is why it is safer to get images from website like pixababy or episode life because they allow people to use it sometimes with credit or without.

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Okay… thanks for explaining.

You’re welcome

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