Can anyone make me a art scene? I need it rally quickly.!


Okay, So first things is that, I’m from Poland So if you make me art scene i Will credit you and polis people will know you! Hahaha, okay but seriously🙃. I need art scene, style Ink. I need a boy sitting cross-legged on a cliff, he has his hands joined with his fists, as if he was nailing himself. You know, meditate, something like that. His eyes are literally all blue, glowing. And he has an arrow on his forehead and arrows run in his arms, if you have watched Avatar Aang you will know what I mean, because I create an episode associated with the avatar💁‍♀️
His details:
Hair Modern Pompadour
Hair color Fawn
Body color Honey
Eyes Gentle Almond
Eyes color Taupe
Face shape DefinedTriangle
Nose Roman
Brow Thin Arch
Mouth Smirk
Mouth Color Taupe
I Of course I Will credit you and I Will tell a few VERY GOOD WORDS ABOUT YOU IN MY STORY BUT PLEASE ANYONE CAN MAKE IT? :persevere::woman_shrugging: ONE PANEL SCENE


We will!




Yeah you can take it


@L.I.W.F ?? Anyone else?


Do you need any help


Really? I would be very grateful!




Can u do it?


I could but I cant since I cant make the characters


Umm probably not but il try. so find someone else while I try to do it


Sooo… Can i count on you, or…? :joy:


:confounded: I need to find one of my members to do it tho

@killerfrost ???


I can