Can anyone make me a background that is underwater that has sand. So it looks like a type of boom or something like that was thrown into the water

I want a “bad/mean” girl to jump in the water and push the MC underwater. Then throw something in the water and get out.

I Can make a sand background. And a wather overlay

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I have this underwater background. It is approved. Maybe could you make a seafloor background? Because I was going to have the mean girl jump into the water after seeing the MC and have the mean girl shove her underwater(because they are worst enemies.) Then because of the sand/thing, the mean girl threw in the water the MC can’t see the top of the water. So she starts to drown. And she sinks to the bottom of the ocean to the sea floor.

here is a background and overlay so that she also looks like she is under water

i tried to make a darker one too

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Thanks! I am going to use these. And have her go into this background.
Then the bad girl will jump in after and shove her down. Then the mean girl will get out of the water and throw the thing.
Turning into this background.

Then the water will turn very bright.(This background)

Then go back to this one.

Then she will sink to the bottom.
And sink to the spot where it says land here.

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