Can anyone make me a big and small cover for my story?

Hey! I am currently in the process of writing a story on women’s rights, and i need a good cover for my story!

TITLE: Consequences
WHAT I’D LIKE: All my characters stood in a line (of your choice) with the title above.
THEME: LGBTQ, Bright, rainbows and feminine!
TIME: Whenever! I have one currently that i made myself however some of the backgrounds of my characters are there ect and it looks kinda odd.

Here is the one i made, kinda base it around this but more bright and colorful!

Here are my characters:

Thank you! <3

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oh my god its amazing!!! thank you so much <3 how should i credit you?

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i tried to use it however it doesn’t match the sizing! i’ve tried resizing it but it just looks weird?

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I made this for you! It’s resized to fit the small cover of 420x580! :wink:

Thank you ! <3

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