Can anyone make me a coffee cup overlay? (Never mind) *CLOSED*


I tried searching for free overlays that have cup overlay but some weren’t working and some just didn’t have and I’m not for sure I’m looking hard enough… I was wondering if anyone would make me a coffee cup overlay? :coffee: I would absolute give credit! Thanks in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:


For what do you need it?
If you want your CHARACTER to drink from it, you have on props.

@add Coffee Cup to CHARACTER
@CHARACTER is drink (to make your CHARACTER to drink from it)

and when you finish

@remove Coffee Cup from CHARACTER


Oh so I don’t need to upload an overlay?
(yes I need it for my character to drink) :slightly_smiling_face:



On right part of the screen you have more options that can help you in your story.

Props are glued items on CHARACTER hand …like coffee cup, hairbrush, handgun …


OOOH the coffee cup is a prop!
OMG thank you so much! :grin:


My pleasure!:hugs:


@Sydney_H or @Jeremy can this thread be closed?



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: