Can anyone make me a cool character?

So I need a girl character (A full body please). I’ll leave the outfit up for you. The outfit I’m expecting to be a black leather jacket and some badass black jeans, and not girly at all. My character’s details -

Body - GOLD OZ

Brow - Straight medium (black dark)

Face - Square defined

Nose - Defined natural

Lips - full heart pouty (rose light new matte)

Hair - Short wavy ombre (Brunette Brown)

Eyes - Deep-set false lashes smokey eye (Grey cool)

Character type - Limelight

If you can help me with these just DM me on Instagram because I’m kinda new to forums and don’t really know how to do stuff here :butterfly:
My Instagram - epi_bella_reads :sparkles:


These are some great artists that could help u :blush:
Commision artists :- @cynthia.episode , @Jessica15 , @BB.Baby , @caitlindrewthis.
Free Artists :- @Jelly123 , @AnnC, @Devil_Herself, @Leana2

(Sorry if u didn’t wanted to be tagged)

If this not helps U can check some artshops




Thanks for the tag again :upside_down_face:

Yes I can help I am a commission artist however!
But my prices are very cheap!

examples of my work



If you’re interested then you can dm me on here or my insta @mighty_epi
I reply on my insta faster!
You will typically receive the art piece within 2-5 days of me beginning!

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ty for the recommend!

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I can surely help
Thanks for the tag tho

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Hello! I am open for commissions
my instagram is epii.jessica
incase you’d like to contact me there


BG commission

Exclusive BG

Info & Price

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Thanks for the tag. But I cannot really do full bodies :upside_down_face:

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thank you for the tag again @BlackHearted <3

i have availability at the moment, here’s my thread

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Ty for tag.

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