Can anyone make me a cover art plzzz?!?

I’m in need of a cover for my fantasy romance story since I suck at editing and don’t have the complete means :no_mouth: :unamused:
I’m looking for a cover art that gives a dark, alternative, Hades vibe but with some sad yet intimate chemistry between the two characters
Here are the character descriptions:
Ezra (ink female) : seemingly nice and shy, but after she finds out a dark secret and accidentally acquires powers, she snaps and lets evil consume her.

Her look:
umber skin
thick round brows
black beach wave hair
hickory upturned luxe eyes
oval face
refined nose
umber blossom lips

Asmodeus (ink male): a tattooed bad boy Ezra met at school and dated until he suddenly disappeared. He is one of the seven princes of the underworld (hell), so he’s like a demon demi-god. Ezra did not know at the time he disappeared.

His look:
honey skin tone
thin arch brows
long bangs hair
purple stoic almond eyes
defined triangle face
button nose
uneven lips

Ideas: in the center, have Ezra, wearing glasses, looking mad with possessed pitch black eyes, dripping mascara as if she were crying, and dark wings behind her, then Asmodeus looking sad at a distance, shirtless showing his tattoos, and also with dark wings

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