Can anyone make me a cover for my story?

I need a cover for my episode story… Can anyone make me a art cover for my story for free😬. Or if there is any site I can go that is free. Please, and thank you!

I dont do art. but I can edit one if you can send me pictures of the charaters in the pose you want

Ok I’ll send my characters. I just need to do a quick edits real quick. All you need is the title, author, description of story, font, and how I want the characters to pose?

yeah. thats all.

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Ok give me a second. Thank you so much!

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Title: Vanished. Author: Vanzilla. Description: “When you find your fiancé cheating on you, you become broken and leave your town to New York. The bad thing is, everyone thinks you committed suicide. So, you start a new life.” Font: I guess I’ll go with— ‘WALTER TURNCOAT’ —change it if you find one better, idc​:joy:. And Can I have the MC (girl) look like she is running but turning her head with her hair in her face? I know that’s a lot but I always wanted one like that​:flushed:. And can you do like police lights fades or something like that or raining too in the back? :grimacing::grimacing:.

I can not use that picture.

What kind of picture

The picture you send. I need a screen shot. not a phone picture. also shall she not be in some kind of pose. or do you just want her to idle

It doesn’t really matter whatever flows your boat

Can you send one with a not black background. my program will not cut her out because of it

Oh ok idk that. It might be a hot minute though. Hold up

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what do you think of this cover

Just a regular house background or something

oh okay. do you have any in mind? it would be kinda stupid if I used one that you do not use

Trust me! I don’t care at all! I’m not picky with backgrounds. :joy: do whatever will look best!

Well it would look stupid if I use a house there is not in use in your story.

Ah ya. Ooh. Like it

I like that cover!