Can anyone make me a cover? I will shout you out!

Hey! I really need a cover for my story! I would love if someone made one for me!

If more than one person makes one for me I still might use it and I will shout you out for your hard work! I really just want the characters outfits and looks to stay the same but i defintely don’t mind if you doll them up or put make up on them. For background I don’t mind anything but a nice scenery, romantic but not too cheesy. And if it’s not too much, and if you can’t do it i compleatly understand if you could put, “Hey New Girl” somewhere on the cover too? Thank you sooo much in advance!

Maybe I can make it.

I don’t know how to credit you since you gave no author name or instagram.


Tell me if you need anything changed! :grinning:


I don’t think she meant for you to put the quotation marks too but other than that…wow! You’re good!

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OMG Thanks so much! I will use it and if I don’t I will try to put it in my story anyways! It looks amazing!

Oh thank you I already put my name in left bottom corner.

Great I’ll make sure you get shouted out!

Omg your artwork is great I don’t think I could ever draw that good ahaha. But right now I’m looking for digital ones and edits for them to be my cover! But if it’s not too hard I wouldn’t mind one and I will make sure I shout you out too!

No, any way you think will look the best!

My story is about the main character (Audrey) and she just moved in with her best friend in California and while in school she meets a boy who is somehow realated to her past.

Hey New Girl

And the main guy has chestnut hair so it’s in the middle of brown and a little bit of red. :joy:

Here it is a bit more zoomed in for you

I can try :woman_shrugging::tipping_hand_woman:‍♀


Unless you have someone already :joy::sweat_smile:

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omg great!

OMG THOES ARE SO GOOD! I already have lots of them for this story but i would love another one for another one of my stories! Hold on let me get the information and pictures for you!

Wait sorry Audrey’s best friend is a girl and the guy in the cover is a sperate boy that she meets in her new school sorry I got a little confused and maybe more brown for his hair color!

I’m learning how to do kissing/romantic scenes atm (working on poses) if you don’t mind can I use your characters as references. If it turns out well you’re welcome to have it. I’m just tryna learn lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Omg sure! Your totally welcome too! But if you do end up giving it to me can you put your name somewhere on it to make sure people know you did it :blush:

Thanks! I don’t really care about credit tho but if you want me to I can. :smile: :heart:

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Hey! Here is the picture for my other story “Out of my Head” and do you know if you could make her look scared but not like “idle_terrified” but like mindblown and terrified together? :joy: if thats way too much maybe just amke her look inane or scared. Oh and somewhere can you say the title please if you can? Thanks so much!


Um so weird question… It’s absolutely fine if you don’t have an answer I’m just curious. If there was a kiss scene in your story (probably the first kiss or a special kiss not really a passionate kiss) Where would it take place?

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Im (almost) 17 and i love drawing, i was an art gcse student at school and i would like to start doing requests then doing comissions (sorry im not great at spelling oops) since my art in improving a lot so this would help me alot, as well as you. I could create one tomorrow, i dont have any of my art supplies with me right now as im at my boyfriends. Here is some of my work

Please do not steal or take credit they took a long time to create xx

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