Can anyone make me a cover


I was wondering if anyone could make me a cover for my new story “Friends” With Queen Bee
Many thanks


I could! :blush:

Some examples:


I can! :blush: go here to request & see my examples! Mya's Art Request Thread! (OPEN)


Really thanks!!


If you haven’t gotten help, Episode Dreams would love to help you!


Of course! Just send me what you’d like!


Ok thanks


My pleasure! :blush:


Here you are


Okay, would you mind sending this without the text?

Also, what background did you like…

Any author name on the cover?

Small and Large cover?

And any contour?

Also, what’s the title?


The title is “Friends with queen bee”
Author name on the cover please
Small large cover please
No contour thanks and I’ll get the picture with light the text
And choose any nice background


Thank you, but make sure you are getting the cover from me only and not anyone else.


Oh ok yeah sure


Are you still doing it




Hi are you still doing it