Can anyone make me a drawn PFP?


i’ve been looking around at some shops but i can’t find anyone who’s able to do drawn pfp… most people who can do that arent available rn.

i’d make one on my own, but i’m trying to focus on my writing right now…

can anyone make me one?

EDIT : found someone, thanks!


I suggest checking out these art shops!
Gazza and Elfin’s Art Shop! [FREE AND OPEN!]
:coconut: Coconut’s Art Shop :coconut: [FREE]

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I can make you one.
Here’s an example

Pm me here or on instagram @samanthami.episode
If your interested- or just reply

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you’re so talented , but i already requested one from someone else

that’s my fault! i should’ve put that in the thread, im sorry!!

No, it’s okay. Don’t be sorry. :slight_smile:

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