Can anyone make me a hallway background?

If possible please make it gray.

A hallway background as in a hallway in a house? :woman_genie:

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Oh ok that’s much easier. Did you want something particular in it? Like a staircase? A front door? Or just like a gray wall hallway with doors on the sides leading to rooms?

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Just a hallway in a house with doors. :blush:

That lead to rooms.

Okie dokie! How many doors? Like two on each side or like two on each side plus one directly across from where the character will be standing and looking down the hallway.
Do you have a preference for the door colors so that it can match better to your stories other backgrounds? Like a black, white or dark wood, light wood doors?
Carpet floor or wood floor? Light or dark? Or preferred color choice?
How many panels do you want the background to have? One zone? 2 or 3?
Do you also want me to make an extra background with one of the doors open? Or a layover of the door open?
Daytime or night time? Or both just in case?
Do you want the hallway plain or do you want some wall lights?

Yep. 2 on each side.

Black doors and brown doors, please. Wood flooring.
If possible can you make it with a door opening the hallway?
Plain, please. And it is day time. Thank you!!

A door opening the hallway? Do you mean like the character is basically standing in a doorway with the door open and they’re looking down at the hallway? So they’re like standing in the doorway that opens to the hallway?
So I assume this is just a one zone background? Not two right?
I’ll post a picture soon of an idea of what I’m doing and you can tell me to lighten the colors or to make the hallway more long. :slightly_smiling_face:

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So like the last door on either of the sides is open

2nd, please. With one of the second doors open on either side! :blush:

The doors open at the end. I can change the angle and the colors. Is this kind of what you mean? lol

I mean like the door looks open more. Like she will walk to the back.

Then go in.

I can open the door closest to the front so you can see that it’s open better if you want

So like the outside of the door swings to the yellow space. If you get my thinking. If not that’s fine!

ok I think I know what you mean now lol maybe lol we will see! I got plenty of time to tinker it lol

Is the angle of the hall way okay?

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Yeah. :blush:

I didn’t see your last sentence. I definitely know what you mean now lol

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