Can anyone make me a limelight art scene (will give full credit)

hi, i was wondering if i could get a special art scene… the story is limelight but the style its drawn in doesn’t matter to me. I have the info about the character down below. Thanks so much!

girl, wearing grey baseball tee.
Skin: Neutral 03
Eyebrows: Dark brown, Arched Natural
Hair: Ash blonde, Long straight
Eyes: female generic, ice blue
Face: heart soft
Nose: Round button upturned
Mouth: small heart, peach gloss

Guy, wearing black shirt and red and black leather jacket.
Skin: Neutral 03
Brow: Black, Male Generic
Hair: Messy undercut, black
Eyes: male generic, ice blue
Face: male generic
Nose: straight pointed
Lips: beige light gold

Pose, hugging eachother,
Background INT. HOSPITAL YOUR ROOM but the wall as the background is all right!
Thank you so much if someone draws this for me.


I could try :woman_shrugging:t4:

I could do it if you need to do it.

Just let me know.

Okay! Thank you so much!


Okay thank you!

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Of course!