Can anyone make me a pfp plz?

The title says it all! I saw art by @Jayl and I was wondering if I could get it in this style. btw, I don’t care if it is drawn or edited!

Style I want

Please attach your examples or art shop link!

Love u all so so much!


Some tags (sorry if you didn’t want to be)

@Makayla.Reed @zara3 @hollywood.episode @Apart_12345 @epy.neha @Epy.Fae


you can check olivia´s shop she has that style and is lovely!
:sparkles: Olivia’s Art Shop :sparkles:


Thanks for the reccomendation! <3

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Hey @StxrStruck! There are a lot of art shops that would be happy to take a request from you! I have an art shop of my own with lovely artists that would be willing to help you out!

I am a part of this shop!

Also, I always find this very helpful! @hollywood.episode put this together. Thank f-ck!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on the first two shops, you can visit that thread, it will be of great help.
@fenixxx I agree with you! @xxOlivia_Meganxx has a great style!
I hope this helps!
All the love,
Neha! xx


Hey love! If you’re on ig then theres a group called
@_ epi.celeste_
Not sure if they’re still on forums tho
The editors are awesome and I think your request will be taken by them.

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Thank you so much! :blush: this really helped!

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I don’t have ig! :disappointed:
I checked on the forums and it says that they were suspended, but thanks for the recommendation :kissing_heart:

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Np :wink: :heart: