Can anyone make me a shield?

Like an overlay of one? I need it for the cover of my story! Thanks!


yeah sure…send me the shield pic you want and I’ll make it as an overlay :wink:

I need one that is custom. Sorry! Can you do that?

What do you mean? :thinking:

Like one that is made by you.

I can try. What do you want it to look like?
(like I have to create a shield drawing right??)

I have the girl on the right and her name is Lily and you can see that there are colors by her hands because she has powers. The girl on the left is Jane and she has the power to pop shields out of her arms(I know it sounds weird ok) but J need the shield to be in front of her.

Does that sound good? Can you do it?

Yes, a drawing would be good!

I can TRY to lol What style do you want the shield to be in? Like medieval, cartoon…?

More modern would be good if possible. But, if you can’t do realistic medieval times.

Something like this?
Just a reference image

Yes, just make it more unique. Maybe put a pattern on the shield. Or whatever you think would make it look unique. Something that fits Jane(left). Thanks!

No problem :grin:

Is it okay if I’ll do it for tomorrow?

You can do it tomorrow, that’s fine!

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Ok It’s nearly done :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s great!

Could something like this work?
I WON’T GET OFFENDED :joy: don’t worry

This works! Just can you right a catchphrase that fits Jane and Lily like a team catchphrase? If you know what I mean?

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