Can anyone make me a splash?

I need a splash for a magical story. Like when they go through a portal to another world, I want a splash so the reader can see what it looks like as they travel through

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Me please

Examples here

Is it like a art scene

Yeah, a little, I just want a magical-looking background

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Characters is there anything else you need that way me and madi can help

@queenlanaixx @MadisonW

Could you both make a splash and send it so I can choose which one is more what I wanted??

Madi can take it she replied first

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Ah, that’s kind of you, thank you anyway

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I don’t want her art to get wasted if you pick mine

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Awwww the madi

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I’m looking for a splash


I can help you @AnonymousAuthor1

Could I see some examples??

okay, if you insist.

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so can you help me?

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Here’s some examples! @AnonymousAuthor1

Do you understand what I’m looking for?

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cool, can you PM me it when it’s done?