Can anyone make me a story cover for free? ;)

Hiiii! I’m writing my 3rd story right now and I’ve always just made my own story covers. They’re very simple, and I’m looking for something a little bit more advanced/complex for this one. I can try my best to do my own, but if anyone can create some cover art for my new story (for free) please reply or you can email me: and I can give you all the details!!


I can!!!

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Here are some examples



Okayy that would be greatt!!

SO i’ll just give you the basics of my story:

Title: From Way Back Then
Genre: Drama
Summary: Basically it’s about a girl living in 1928 facing hardships of womens rights and discrimination. She’s longing for a better world. One morning while getting lost on her way to the cafe along with her friend, they get sucked into an insanely bright red portal, transferring her to present day. She meets a boy named Raymond who instantly understands what happened to her and helps her in this new world.

Character Details: Raymond
Hair- short cropped hair (chestnut)
Face- Diamond
Eyebrows: Thick Arch Athletic
Eyes- Gentle Almond (blue)
Nose- Broad
Mouth- Smirk (taupe)
Body- Male (Toffee)

Hair- High Ponytail or Straight Cayenne)
Face- Oval
Eyebrows- Defined Natural
Eyes- Downturned Bold (Taupe)
Nose- Upturned
Mouth- Classic (Terracotta)
Body- Female (Olive)

Those would be the only characters i want in the cover. :wink:

Outfit details for the cover?

I’m so excited… it will be done later tonight

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Grey Lace Dress
Gold Pendant Necklace
Thin Clear Circular Glasses
Black Chic Ballerina Flats

Grey Beach Boy Shorts
Ochre Yellow Utility Boot
Muscle Tank Blue or Swoopneck Sleeveless Stripe Grey white

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Thank you so much, i really appreciate it!!

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I’m getting to work in now… I’m gonna try and find a few backgrounds too… :grin:

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Okay, can’t wait to see it ;)))

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Just saw title… lol brain not working right

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