Can anyone make me a text overlay?

Hiya! Can anyone make me a text overlay for a splash saying: This story contains mature themes and strong language. with a dramatic font (preferably white with a black outline). And could you help me with making that overlay fly into the screen?

Thanks in advance <3

You need it in a box? or what

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I’m sorry, I don’t get what you mean by that? I’m so dumb lmao :joy:

I mean what kind of overlay do you exactly need.You need the text written in which shape?

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Will something like this do?
I am really sorry if you were expecting something else cause I didn’t really got ya

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If you need something else , I am open

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Ohhh now I get it. So no, I don’t want it in a box because you won’t see the splash (it’s an edit) that good❤️

Speaking of, it’s the exact same edit as my pfp