Can anyone make me an art scene for free?

I need an art scene.

These two charcters need to be hugging. And the girl need to put her hands around the man’s neck. The picture needs to be to the waist. I will fully give credit to you. I want it to be a drawing. Not an edit.

If you’re good at drawing, sure!

Sure! You’re very talented!

Yeah, I’ll send you the background

I could try, but I don’t gaurantee anything.

Could you do it?

I can try. Brb in 20 mins.

Is this good?

Yup But make her hair fluttery and her hands around his neck

How long will you take?

You have 2 weeks to do it. Ao don’t rush it.

Yeah, I don’t know that. Sorry.

You don’t need the full body. To the waist only.

Not excatly whst I wanted but thank u

Hey I can help


Have everything written in the comments

Okay perfect Can i remove the green outline?

Lol of course!

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