Can anyone make me an art scene? (For Ink)


Hello, I would like an art scene where my character (Nicholas) has an apple strawberry smoothie stain on his shirt. and I want the background to be INT. CAKE SHOP OL - DAY in zone 3.
This is what he looks like. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks in advance and I will absolute add you in my list of credits! thanks again! :hugs:


I can give it a shot:smile:


Thanks :grin:


can I ask when you will be done?
sorry I just want to know.


Yes well i’m starting now so later tonight or tomorrow morning


oh ok thank you and you can take your time on it too.


Ok i will. Do you have any refrences of how you want it to look?


hmm like he has an apple strawberry smoothie stained him (because he was poured on) and he would looked shocked or surprised.
did that helped? :thinking:




Thanks again. :grin:


Hi I hope this works!:slightly_smiling_face:


Hi can he be in zone 1 and can you have him in front of the screen like you would see only his shirt only and also can his head be looking down with his mouth open with shock? :slight_smile:


Yes… Which zone is zone 3?


The one on the left




Thanks. :slight_smile: