Can anyone make me an intro?

Hii… so I need an intro for my story Trust Me (episode one is released check it out :pleading_face: )
The story is in ink and I want the intro to be pretty… lengthy…
I have an idea of what I want but I can leave the description in case anyone just wants to be creative 🥲

Description: Kylie Davis had been through a series of traumatic events in her life causing her to lose trust in anyone outside of family… When Mikayla and Mikael Keen come into her life… will that change for better or worse?

In case you need an idea here’s mine

My idea

There will be first multiple characters running from cops then one stops… turns around- and shoots the cop… (overlay of their name shows up)
then cut to another scene this character is at school reading a book then she turns around and sees something outside (overlay of their name shows up)
Third scene this character is at a club dancing with random people (overlay of their name shows up)
Fourth scene two characters are at home playing with their little sister : AKA Mikael and Mikayla (overlay of both of there names shows up)
Fifth scene Kylie in a jail cell then she winks (overlay of her name pops up)
Last scene
Outside of a bank that’s been blown up and the name of the story shows up (Trust Me)
Details for the characters in the order they are by scene
(OUTFITS DONT MATTER!! Just send me ss of what every character is wearing so I can put it on my story)

Scene 1

Scene 2

Skin- Rosewood
Brow- Thin angled
Hair- Straight (Black)
Eyes- Upturned feline (black)
Face- Oval
Nose- Upturned
Lips- Classic
Name (Kelly)

Scene 3

Name (Jena)

Scene 4

Skin- Honey
Brow- Medium sharp
Hair- Long bangs (Auburn)
Eyes- stoic almond (green)
Face- defined triangle
Nose- Button
Lips - Smirk (Taupe)
Skin- Honey
Brow- Defined natural
Hair - beachwave (Auburn)
Eyes- Slender natural
Face - Round
Nose- Soft natural
Lips- Full Round (Taupe)
Little sister (she’s 5) name (Aurora)
Skin- Honey
Brow - classic natural
Hair- High ponytail (black)
Eyes- Upturned feline (green)
Face- Soft heart
Nose- upturned
Lips-Classic (taupe)

Scene 5

Final scene

No characters

Even if you use your own idea I want all these same characters in it someway

If you need any more information let me know but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone help me out?:pleading_face:

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Your idea sounds good to me. :yay:

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