Can anyone make me art?

Hey! :blob_hearts:

Can anyone make me art for a phone scene? I need one girl, one background, and one text message. Her skin tone for her hand is (light) and the text message needs to say “Look behind you”. The pic needs to be her lock screen.

Character, outfit, and background :


Is this what you searched for?

Yes pretty close! Is there anyway you could add her hand holding the phone and with the time and battery percentage added to it?

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Sure. What hour, what percentage and from who do you want the message?

Actually only time, date and name since the percentage is 80%

time, 2:55. date, 5/9/19 and the message is from Kayla.

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PM right?

I know I’m a pain :shushing_face:

lol you’re good. yeah pm is fine

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Ok… maybe now it will be better

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This looks good! thank you.

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Just letting you know, before you try to upload this, I don’t think you can have the AT&T on the background because it is a brand.

I don’t think you can either. thank you for reminding me!

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