Can anyone make me cover art for my new story?

Hi, I’m looking for someone to make me cover art for my romance story called Simplicity. If you are interested then please reply and I will give you the details of the characters and a brief description of the story!!!


Sure! Do u need to see any of my previous covers first?

If you dont go with her let me know we’d love to help

I would love to do your cove if you allow me too

No it’s fine.
Okay, thank you for offering to help.

Eye Shape : Downturned Bold
Nose Shape : Elven
Lip Shape : Classic
Hair Color : Fawn
Eye Color : Toffee
Hairstyle: Beach Waves (sorry I forgot the full name)
Body Color : Honey
Eyebrow Shape : Thick Flat
Face Shape : Round
Lip Color : Ruby Red

So there are three men fighting for her love but still attempting to be friends at the same time.

Body Color : Honey
Eyebrows: Thick Tapered
Eyes : Stoic Almond
Lip Shape : Uneven
Nose Shape : Button
Face Shape : Diamond
Hairstyle: Generic Short
Hair Color ; Black
Eye Color : Brown
Lip Color : Terra-cotta

Body Color : Toffee
Eyebrows: Thick Arch
Eyes: Stoic Almond
Face Shape : Defined Triangle
Nose Shape : Button
Lip Shape : Small Round
Eye Color: Brown
Hairstyle: Short Cropped
Hair Color : Black
Lip Color : Terra-cotta

Body Color : Tan
Lip Shape : Uneven
Nose Shape : Button
Eyebrows : Thick Tapered
Eyes : Gentle Almond
Nose Shape : Button
Lip Shape : Uneven
Lip Color : Blush
Hair : Long Bangs
Hair Color : Black
Eye Color : Taupe

If you’d like credit please let me know. :slight_smile:

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Also if anyone would like to make me a splash I would be super grateful.

Which splash would you want ?

Thank u if u could go into detail that way I know how they would dress.
(I do this on mobile if that is relevant)

If you need more than one splash I would be happy to do one :grin:

Zoey is a sweet girl. She dresses innocently most of the time. But sometimes she brings the bad out of her. Lenny is more of the bad boy in my story. Chris has a strict family that would never allow him to wear anything that shows a lot of skin. Skyler is silly and will dress in outfits that are revealing sometimes and sometimes he won’t.

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Like the Turn up the sound or This story has strong language and mature themes

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I can make the strong language :grinning:

@Chesirekitten101 do you want to make the sound?

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Sure thx for offering @teahwalker444

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