Can anyone make me cover art

Can anyone make a cover art for my limelight story for me I will credit you in the story the story is about a girl who cant find a job and is living with her brother until her brother gets her a job as an assistant for one of his friends who she ends up falling for

that is the main character Taylor
Thank You for reading

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I can

@ChayChay wanna do it

Episode Gold would love to help! You can check out our thread for examples. :heart:

what is the story title and do you a have her in her pose

Hey I need the author name background and title I’m part of the sisterhood so

the story title is addicted to you and the pose is flirt_wink_atcamera

the author name is Tiaira Owens and the title is addicted to you

Is it a cover or thanks for reading splash??

we do large and chay do small

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ok here is what her boss looks like

his name is Jax

What pose would you like him in?? Or can you send in in pose?

And what kind of background would you like?

yeah, what background would you like?

So I’m doing the small right???

I believe yes according to the conversation you are.

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Just waiting on background details… lol don’t want to step on any toes…

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can you make him in flirt_wink_happy

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Yes… can ubsend his actual frets like the names of eyebrows eyes mouth nose and face shape??? The rest color wise I can figure out from the picture… lol I want it to be perfect

I can! You can check out this post for examples of my works!