Can anyone make me some characters for a LL story real quick?

Hi there guys!

I’m looking for someone that can make me some characters that work for a modeling agency, along w their outfits and names

I’m looking for a camera crew for photo shoots and a manager so maybe about 3 camera people and 1 manager :slight_smile:
These are not necessarily your character, but characters you don’t mind creating for me :slight_smile: if you want it to be your character send your character details!


eyebrow: medium straight; Black dark

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Thank you! What roll is she, and do you require credit?

The manager, please

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@cottonunicornepi on instagram

Here is my character details, girl.

Character Details:

Full name: Akeelah Brown

Personality: Likes to seem badass, but is actually a nice person inside and likes to help whenever possible, is also very funny and sarcastic.

Clothing style: Badass, Sexy and Vintage

Role: Any

Ethnicity: African American

How to credit: use my username, Decemberlove.

Lucas, Cameraman

Character Details

Body: Male Generic Body/Rose 03
Brow: Arched Medium/Chestnut Brown
Hair: Manbun/Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Sloping Heavy Lid/Green Emerald
Face: Square Long Jaw Stubble
Nose: Straight Narrow
Lips Full Heart Natural/Pink Peach Medium Matte


Baggy Jeans Simple Belt Denim Grey Black
High Top Hipster Canvas Gray
Muscle Tank Cotton Grey Black
Open Flannel Open Rolled Sleeves Cotton Red Cherry

I’m okay with anything!
Credit: @cheesybaconpizza

I’m fine with any role

Do you want credit?
@ananya.episode do you also want credit?

If you want, you can give credit by my Instagram @ananya.episode. It’s up to you!

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Camera crew:

character profile


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