Can anyone make me some cover art? In need!

If so here my info!
Background: Brick wall!
2 characters!
Mikayla (female)
Eyes: upturned bold and one taupe and one green
Nose: upturned nose
Lips: Full round ruby red
Hair: pink wavy hair (bit messy if possible)
Face skin: light and oval
Brows (defined natural)
Outfit: pretty much up to you but athletic clothing would be nice:-)
Silas (Male)
Hair Short cropped hair black
Face Tan defined natural
Nose button
Eyes white,sarcastic
Lips uneven terracotta
Brows thin arch
Again you can choose the outfit but please give him the lady rose (cade) tattoo and
Under his eye have pride in black cursive, lip piercing and have a strand of hair out of place!
With the position I want him to pretty much give her a piggyback ride lol!

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I can try if you want.

So sorry for being late to text. Yes please and thanks. what form of credit would you like?

My instagram, mariaxepisode