Can anyone make me some cover art?


I’m really bad at making stuff in photoshop and the cover I just “tried” to make was awful… If there’s any talented creators out there please reply, I’ll credit you in my story :heart:


i can do it!


just send me the deets and i can get to it!


So basically my story is called Recently Royal and I’d like the main character to be on the front somewhere in front of like a throne or some sort of royal background and then in the bottom right corner I’d like my instagram and say its made by me and of course credit yourself for the cover :slightly_smiling_face: If you need me to send u anything or any questions just ask :heart:


ok i need
character pic
specific background
any specific details





And details:
Made by: Ellie
cover credit: you
story name: Recently Royal


If you need anything changing or anything else, ask :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t forget to credit @AmazementArtShop


getting right on it!


Thank you so much, I appreciate it!! :innocent::heart:


no problem


Don’t forget to credit @AmazementArtShop


I’m with @bossyroxy411


Of course, you can add that somewhere on the cover too if u like @bossyroxy411 :slightly_smiling_face:


ok sure will!


@bossyroxy411 can u put that im with u


Tell me if you want it redone~!


I might have to get a different background, this one is too wide. If your not keen on re doing it that’s okay :slightly_smiling_face:


no i can re do it im really bored rn