Can anyone make me your classic romance story overlays?


The classic sleeping in the same bed overlays, hugs, blankets, cuts, bruises exc. let me know.


I’d be happy to help :smiley:
Let me know what you need.


a tattoo arms with the skin tone tan for hugging overlays and “cuddling overlays” I can try and find examples on google if you want.


How would you like the arms to be positioned on a female/male character?
As for cuddling, examples would be helpful


hugging: overlay%20example1 overlay%20example2

others: overlay%20example3 overlay%20example4
if you can find some cuts and bruises overlays that would be great too.
Both of the characters I am using for the overlays have the skin tone tan.


I’ll get to those arm overlays as soon as possible.
It’ll be just like photo one, without the SAMPLE in the way haha.


thank youu


Sorry I took a while, I was running some errands.
But here is your arms!
I also put them in separate files, incase it would be easier to shift that way.


The one with the sample was created by @RudeInception. She has a drive in her Instagram bio that has some more but requires credit in the story. :ok_hand:


Yeah, here is the link for a tan arm overlay.
But make sure to give her credits.
I edited mine through Clip Paint Studio.
But here is Rudes.


thanks for telling me.