Can anyone make text overlay(s) for me?

I need many text overlays
FIRST is the title of my story ADVENTUROUS: In A New World
I would like the Adventurous: differently and In A New World differently
SECOND I would like
Later that night…
The next morning…
The next day…
That night…
That afternoon…
That evening…
Thanks for reading!

I would like them all in white colour and any font which looks good
And please make them completely clean and clear

Yeah I know and I even tried it but it doesn’t appear when I preview it

i can do it for you

Thanks for considering but I already got it but thanks though

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I tried everything but it just won’t appear and yes since I already got it its all fine

@Jeremy or @Sydney_H you can close this topic since I got what I needed :wink:

Solved and closing at request of thread Op. Thanks! :smiley: