Can anyone make these overlays please?

Hey, everyone! :heart:
I hope you are all doing well and staying safe.

If anyone has the time and/or can make 5 overlays, then that would mean so much to me. I’m sorry if that’s too much to ask.

I need 5 white circles with the following images on top of the white circle:
image image image image
As well as the word “DONE” in all caps and in black on a white circle.

Thanks, that would mean so much to me. I will definitely give you credit.

Have a nice day everyone!

oie_DQRmUlXPAmvu oie_Qvx68EiKmc5P oie_rxeRw8boF79L oie_xod0mEYY3A2d oie_YUcwNx33VV7b

You’ll see the white cirlcles when you download it.
Ah it looks a little blotchy.
Ah well see if it’s do able.

Thank you so much! They look awesome! I’ll try to upload them right now.

How should I credit you?

Oh my, i’m relieved lol

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They seriously do look really nice!
Thank you again!

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Lol np

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