Can anyone make this background a night background?


Can anyone turn this background into a night background? I’ll cred.


I can.


I can help as well.


Sorry, I didn’t see @StoryWriter10’s reply. I’m sure she could do it as well.


Thank you guys! I just want outside the door to be dark.


Wow you have great at talents.


You mean by not crediting me? :roll_eyes: I was the original creator of this background. I don’t like people editing my work.


Sorry, I found this background on pinterest. I’ll credit you for it, I didn’t know who made the background though.


Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know this was @shellyg 's work. Maybe you can work something out?


Sorry, I didn’t know, in respect of you I won’t edit this background. Sorry for the troubles.


This is the scary part of making a background-once you put it out there, it’s on the internet for good, and reposted many times. Sadly, sometimes these people don’t add the credit in, so you have people who use these images and can’t credit anyone since they found it on a website, like Pinterest. This sucks and can be terribly saddening to the person who worked hard on them and it can even cause them emotional distress : ( It isn’t fair to the artist and it certainly isn’t fair to anybody who gets their work stolen and used for something with no credit. This is the dangers of putting your work online, whether it be art or short stories or some other work, people will take, and not bother to say who it was by, even though that person worked hard, pouring their sweat and blood into their work…TO every artist out there, stay strong, you help out so many people :black_heart::facepunch:


Pinterest is not a good source to find backgrounds because it often doesn’t credit the original creator. Also, most things on Pinterest are copyrighted so it’s not idea to use an image that you don’t know the origin of.



Can I just mention you’re like… My art idol.


Art idol? Haha. That’s a bit too much! But thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


No way I’d it too much, you’re amazing!!! Whoop whoop.


I’m really sorry about this. You are DEFINITELY good at art. :slight_smile:


And thank you. You’re really nice. :)))