Can anyone make this into a PNG?

Hi there! I need a person who’s good at making PNG’s. I know how to make them, I just can’t do it properly. It always ends up badly for me. Anyways, if anyone could do it that would be awesome!

I just want the characters to be there as a png, I don’t want the background.

Thanks in advance! <3



I can do it

Not the entire character will be there though because in those pictures the legs are cut off

If you are alright with that I will start if not I need you to say something before I start that way I am sure of what I am cutting out.

Yeah that’s fine, I just want the characters that are in the picture. The exact picture where the legs are cut off. If you can do that, then please do! <3

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No problem give me an hour tops

Thanks so much!

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It’s pretty easy, install ibis paint X so when you need overlays for your story or edits, you can do it without any problems :blush:

I did that, but it comes out messy.

Don’t give up then! Keep trying and you will see your results :blush::relieved:

I’ve done it once before and got it right, but then tried 3 more times and it went wrong. :sweat_smile: I rather doing digital art. :woman_shrugging:

Hi! Just wanna ask you if their done yet? No rush or pressure though! Just asking :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Okay! <3

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Thanks so much! Did you do the blonde girl too? :smiley:

Yup must have forgot to add her the first time.

Thanks soooo much! They are amazing! :heart::heart: