Can anyone make this picture ;) for me ;)

Can it say Accidentally Pregnant and usepv1_back_EXT__BOARDWALK_ATLANTIC___NIGHT

and use these poses for both of the photo but you can change it up however you want :wink:

Like, not make any art of the chatacters just put them in the background and put the title on? I can do it! Do you want it to be small cover size?

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I Can do that aswell! Should I just add the title or add a few little things? Aa small cover or large?

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Since you didn’t really reply, I just Made them like this…

If it’s note quite great I Can Change anything you’d like.

i wasn’t sure what you wanted exactly, so i made this:




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im using both of yours!!!

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im using both of yours!!! :smiley:

giving credit btw

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giving credit btw!

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