Can anyone please help me with these overlays?

DreamShaper_v7_bedroom_in_castle_vintage_magical_realism_mag_0 (1)
DreamShaper_v7_living_room_in_castle_chairs_sofa_vintage_magic_0 (1)
DreamShaper_v7_living_room_in_castle_chairs_vintage_magical_r_0 (1)
Can anyone please please please help me with some overlays for the bed, sofa and armchair please please

All the images are blurry. Where’d you get them?

are these any better

Yeah, but I just want to make sure these are copyright-free. They’ll also have to be resized.

i dont know what that means, i bought it from my ai subscription… is that bad?

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I don’t know much about AI, but I do know that people have different opinions about it. Just make sure that whatever you paid for gives you license to use it freely. I’ll resize it and try and make the overlays that I can. If someone else knows or can explain, then that’s okay too.

Thankyou so much love, i just read the terms and conditions and they say i can use it for any commercial purpose <3

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This is the resized version of the second image. The chair is stretched, but is it okay?

yes its perfectly ok thanku so much

thankyou so muchh, would you be able to help me with the other 2 if not no issues, thank you so so so much

Right. I’m in class right now, but after. :white_heart:

Anytime, thankyou so much love <3

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