Can anyone please help me with this error?

Line 1549 is a repeat of line 1543. So, either put opacity 0 in 1 on line 1543 or delete the second repeated command on line 1549

You can have the same opacity over and over again. It looks to me like she has created two overlays with the same name, unless it is because she did not specify the time frame in which she wants to change opacity. @Ams do you have the
@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
twice in the same scene? This error usually occurs on me when I have the same overlay twice in the same scene. I think use the duplicate overlay code
@overlay OVERLAYNAME_2 create from OVERLAYNAME

Yeah, I know that’s a possibility, but since I didn’t see the other part of the script, I assumed the other reason could be because of the opacity thing. I thought it was quite weird to write it that way since it’s already visible on screen.

It could be. I’ve never changed or set opacity without specifying duration. I just know that I like to use opacity of overlays (without changing current opacity) as pauses in script lines with multiple commands.

You need to create that overlay before the label QandA. The way you have it right now, it’s being created after the label, which means it will create a new overlay each time you go back to that label because of the “goto QandA”

So the label on line 1539 needs to go on line 1551


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