Can anyone please make me a front cover do my story? Closed

My story name is broken self. I would like the cover of my story to look sad and gray and have my main character look like she has been crying. I know it is a strange request. Thank You!

Epi.Skylights Art Shop

We’re open if your interested, and their are many artists who are available and are willing to work with your request :two_hearts:

If you still need a cover, I can help you! My request thread is, Clevertimes’ Art Shop.

@Clevertimes I don’t need a front cover to be done anymore but I do need a warning back round, and a back round that will be shown at the end of my story if you are interested.

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Do you mean splashes? And what should the ending splash say?

yes splashes :slightly_smiling_face: Still learning what everything is and what it’s called.
The splash at the end of the story would say," Thanks for reading" and the warning splash would say, “This story contains mature themes and strong language.” :grinning:

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@Clevertimes would you like me to make two separate forms for the two different splashes I want or just write it on one form?

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Actually I think it might make is easier if they were separate because then you will know which one i’m talking about :joy:

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