Can anyone please recommend a good story to read?


Is there any good stories to read? Stories like “Andrenaline” or “Secret of Rain”.

It has to have a good plot and good directing.


Can have a look at mine if you like? It’s called the embers of time. It’s a drama, adventure, sci-fi, romance, mystery haha


Sure, I’ll read it.

Can you show a picture of the cover? And how many episodes does it have?


I have one Called DD: Rock Your Socks Of. Maybe you’ll like it! Or I recommend Dark Temptation by @Menia !


Can u read mine?
I’ts called DESTINY
By: Nataly Gomez


41 so far.


I have a Google Doc containing all of my recommended Episode stories:


Sure, I’ll read that one.


Thank you :slight_smile:


I don’t know if this is a story like those two because i haven’t read them but.
Hunting bad and Assassins heart are very good.


:blush: thank you so much for recommending my story :heart_eyes:


Here are a few of my FAVES,
Not Interested
The Shaw Brothers
I Despise You
Best Mistake
One Rules All
Living with the Vampire Brothers


Oh and
Half Angel Half Demon_emphasized text_


Business Casual
Dear Inmate
Neccesary Evil
Modern Family
Dangerous Space
Sector 9

I love all of these stories, and highly recommend reading them (:


It’s good!


Every Miss MJ story ever written :smile:


If you like Adrenaline, then I’d definitely recommend Framed by Hanna Mathew. The plot reminds a lot of Adrenaline and I believe it is directed just as well.
I also think that The Shaw Brothers by Violet Madison and The New Girl by Saige Mercer are two very well directed stories. At around chapter 30-35 these stories begin to cooperate and it’s a very interesting change that I think makes them stand out from other typical love/drama stories.
I also like Bad For My Heart by Michaela Bri because of how well I think the story develops and how great the author ties the end together.


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Oh sorry about that. Thank you :slight_smile:


I have a story called “Love You To Hell And Back” it has 36 chapters I think and it has good directing, and many have informed me that my plot is good. :heart: