Can anyone proof read my story before I publish it?

I was just wondering if anyone was able to read my story before I publish it and give me some tips and tricks to improve it!
If anyone can, let me know!

Hey! I’m a proofreader but i do charge. Visit my thread for more!
Saray’s Proofreading and Beta-Reading Shop ||OPEN||

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Ah, I’m sorry, I forgot to put that I can’t pay! Thank you anyway :slight_smile:

no worries!

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I can do a review if you want, but I am honest, and can be a bit harsh.

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That’s fine, thank you so much! Here’s the link…

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I can if you want, although I only have ipad at present to read on

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yes please that would be great!
Here is the link!

I can’t open that link , as it’s android device only…like I said I’m on iPad

Oh, that’s odd! It works on my ipad?
Do you have episode installed?

Yes, been reading episode for few years

Hm, let me try get you a different link and see if that works!

Episode - Choose Your Story #episode

See if that works… if not let me know!

No same pic comes up

That’s odd! Have you proof read before?

Yes, authors sent me link in my instragram dm

Hey, do you still need a proofreader? Need an excuse to procrastinate instead of working on my own story:)

Heyy hon!:heart:
Hope you’re doing good!:heart::heart:
Can I proofread your story?
I’ve proofreaded 5+stories

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