Can anyone read bad grammar?

I read this really weird story called “the imitation teacher” (a horror story, but it’s not that scary). Not sure what the plot it, the grammar is that bad. I’m just staring blankly at my screen now, unsure of what to do with my life.

Can someone read this so I can put an end to my misery :laughing:


I read the first chapter… Where’s the bad grammar? The grammar seemed okay…

I read this story ages ago… the first 2 chapters of it anyway :joy: it’s fine. There’s nothing that bad that would make me:

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Is it by mushface?

And it gets worse as you go on, I wouldn’t say that if I wasn’t traumatized

maybe english isn’t their first language

I read a few chapters of this a while back. From what I remember, the grammar wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t unreadable either.

If i had my phone with me right now, I’d read it but i think i wouldn’t have a problem with the grammar (Ey, I’ve grown up playing roblox where a lot of peeps have terrible grammar XD)

Can anyone explain it to me then???

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