Can anyone read my plot

This is my plot for my story. For clue. This story is about this girl named Emily(currently 7) wakes up and goes downstairs to find a note from her dad saying that he has decided to leave the family. When Emily goes upstairs to tell her mom about her dad leaving the family, she finds out that her parent’s bedroom is locked. So Emily grabs her door opener and opens the door. When she opens the door she finds her mom lying on the floor. (She assumes that her mom dies) So she decided to live alone for 3 years. But then the cops come and arrest Emily. Because they think Emily killed her mother. Then she gets adopted by her aunt and she learns that in her family the men and women fight each other. After about a year of being in the “women gang” the women get attacked by the men. Emily was hanging out with Teah and Jen because they were having a girls night. Then the men When the men burst into the room where Emily, Jen, and Teah are Emily blocks Teah and Jen with her body. Then Emily shot both of the men killing them, but before Emily killed the men had shot Emily on the leg and in the head. Causing Emily to faint right after killing the men. Emily then wakes up in a hospital with her boyfriend and brother next to her. “Emily! You’re awake!” Her boyfriend says shocked and her brother was happy. But when Emily tried to talk to her boyfriend and her. Brother, she opened her mouth but she couldn’t talk. She learns that she has become a “mute patient.” (Someone who can still hear and see but can’t talk or communicate with the people around them.)

The mystery is if the mom is really dead. The clue that the dad seems to be very violent with anyone he dates. So Emily thinks her dad killed her mom.

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