Can anyone read my story?


Hi guys!!
So I’m new to writing on episode and I was wondering if some of y’all could read my story please.

It’s called Second Chance


I’ll read! What’s the author name?


Naa Dei but I also put the link in for you


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Thanks for reading and have a good day :sunglasses:


Hey, I read all three chapters of your story and took some notes.
(I would have posted this on your topic where you ask for reviews, but it’s closed.)

Chapter 1:
I liked the customization and that you could customize so many people!
Maybe you could add a background with the texts.
Your sounds are very good done (the one with the door for example)

Chapter 2:
Maybe you could make a flashback of the MC and her husband then just tell the story using narration.
The background story is very well done and interesting.
I like the plot of the episode

Chapter 3:
That the MC is pregnant now is an interesting idea.

General advice:
-Watch out that the layers are right (example: in chapter 3 when MC is at the hospital she sits on her bed and her hand is in front of the doctor; just put the doctor (and MC’s husband on a higher layer)
-When you add a choice which is an answer (example: When MC asks her daughter if she was excited to meet her grandma) you maybe could give the daughter a line of dialouge where she tells her answer.
-I saw some characters pop up randomly during a scene when they start talking; maybe you could just let them walk in or place them at the beginning of a scene
-sometimes when a character walked in they were walking backwards; you should make them turn around when they finished walking.
-I think that if you made the chapters a bit longer you would have more space for explaining realationships and starting storylines, drop hints, etc…

Overall good things:
-the dynamics in the story are realistic (for example: MC and daughter/MC and MC’s mother)
-Your story is very creative and I’ll definetly read more episodes when they come out! :smile:


Thank you!!