Can anyone recognize this background?

I wanted to use this background I found on pinterest which mentions that it’s an episode interactive background but it doesn’t have much info about the user who created it.
I wanted to know if it’s free to use and if so than who created it so that I could give them credits

the woman who posted it on pinterest has an episode background folder but most of them are copyrighted images so id say its not safe to use, its probably copyrighted

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Ok, thankyou so much for the information @willowkayyy

I think I have seen this bg… in a story in episode … I think… I am not sure

If u look on the bus carefully it says “Demi lovato”

…so I think I seen this bg in Demi lovato story…

I don’t know if it means that it’s copyrighted or anything…

But I think it will be better to not to use it… I guess…

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it’s from demi lovato s1. i’d be on the safe side and not use it.

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it is copyright it’s against the rules to use episode art, not yet released for use on the app.


Thanks for informing that

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