Can anyone recolor these backgrounds for me please

Hi, can anyone recolor these two backgrounds for me asap. The color I want the cafe to be is MAROON RED.

For the panels on the left and right to be made a little darker so they won’t blend in with the Cafe.

And for the flags make them maroon red as well and keep the white ones the way it is. I was going to add props and logos later on. I just need the backgrounds re-colored.

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Try @/Vanessa.h_storys’s shop.

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Like I said, I need these recolored asap, I don’t know when they”ll respond…

She responds pretty quick. But I’m not sure many other people recolor backgrounds. Possibly @/blanche_writes, but I’m not completely sure of anyone else who does it.

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How soon? I could finish by tomorrow afternoon if that’s not too long.

By tomorrow afternoon is fine. Just don’t forget :slight_smile:

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Cool I’ll start it now!

is this a good colour?

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Yes :slight_smile:

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Have you finished?

oh my gosh i am so sorry i completely forgot and i dont have time to do it anymore im so sorry :frowning_face:

Alrighty! I’ve finished them. Sorry they couldn’t be any better! :sweat_smile: :blob_hearts:

Night Version


Day Version


let me know if you need anything else!