Can anyone recommend any apps used to make edits?


Hi there! Can anyone recommend apps which can be used to make edits? I’m thinking about creating an edit, and need somewhere to go!


I can make you an edit!


If Android then Ibis Paint and Medibang Paint. If desktop then Krita, Photoshop and Gimp etc. These apps I use…they are really nice


Ibis Paint X is amazing! It takes a little bit of practice but once you figure out what to do and how to do it, the results can be amazing (I made my profile picture and many other pictures using Ibis) :slightly_smiling_face:


Ooh what can you do?


I use the app Procreate


Ibis is amazing!
You can get alot of brushes (if you don’t want to pay for them you can watch an ad then you can have the ability to use them for 18 hours, then you can repeat.)
They also give you tips and tricks and there is also a quite a few Instagram acounts as well.

Tips and tricks for Ibis:

It was really hepful for me!


Here s an example


I normally just use Paint 3D :blush:


That’s really good! Do you have a form or something I can fill in?


PicsArt, Pixlr and MediBangPaint is what I use :slight_smile:




Pixlr, photoshop, photopea, that’s what I use




No problem


IBIS paint x is a great app to make edits!


I personally use PicMonkey :smile:
I use it to make all of my works; some like these: