Can anyone recommend any good Wattpad books?


Hi there! So, I just finished reading a really good Wattpad story and I don’t know where to start to search for another one! If anyone has good recommendations, I’ll be sure to check them out!


no read episode lol


My friend has a really good story called ‘My Eleventh Hour’, if you want to read that :slightly_smiling_face:


I do but I can’t find any good stories to read at the moment but thanks :joy_cat:


I’ll be sure to check it out!


Adrenaline lol


A few recent faves-

  • #AskAmy by Tahlie Purvis
  • Two Truths by Tahlie Purvis
  • The Girl He Left Behind/The Girl Who Said Goodbye by Tahlie Purvis
  • STALKING SAPPHIRE by Mia Thompson
  • ANDROMEDA HEARTS by ssamantha
  • Confessions About Colton by colourlessness

and uh I hate to self promo, but I’ve got four stories that I’m kinda proud of published under the name avid_memer:

  • Four Minutes by avid_memer
  • Falling For Selena by avid_memer
  • How Diane Lost John by avid_memer
  • Shine, Fade by avid_memer


Ooh I’ll be sure to check them out, thanks!


I’m currently reading that aswell xD


The One Knight Stand by Kay Elle.


If you like well- written romance with knights, sarcasm, good world- building, girl power, and a hot brooding prince, check it out!


Rivals, Forever August and Wild Girl by Alex Light! What Lies Beyond by Natasha Hills.


Can you read mine its my first story ? The link is :


The link takes me to a page to get the Wattpad mobile app- not the actual story :slight_smile:


Sorry actually I unpublished it due to some reasons buy thanks for checking it. I will tell you when I publish it again .


Oooo I love Wattpad!! What kind of stories you interested in?

I have just read Prince Charmink by Devilsmom

Awesome read!!

You got anything to reccomend? :slight_smile:


Yeah I love the one Troublemaker. It’s so good. Although it’s on episode too but it’s really awesome there.


Hellacious by Kay Elle all the way!!

If you’re interested in science fiction, The Numbered is also a good read


Thank you so much hun. :hibiscus:


Hey there ! I recently published my story there and I would love it if you could review it or read it. My username is @BadassSaasha and you can find my story on my profile there