Can anyone recommend me some google drives?

Hey guyz, I’ve recently just started writing a story, and I really need different backgrounds and overlays.

Please if you have a google drive, leave it down bellow. Full credit will be given.

Also, I’m specifically looking for a shooting range bg, so it would be great if someone could help me find one. I’ve looked everywhere.


@FlowerGriefer has the best backgrounds and overlays that I’ve seen in my opinion…

They are not to complicated to use either, I know some background makers list rule after rule filling a whole A4 page. @FlowerGriefer literally has somewhere between 5 - 8 rules that are simple and easy to follow (:


Thank you sm, I’ll check it out : )

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You’re welcome (:

I can second that :100: Yes, I recommend her thread, which is filled with so many beautiful backgrounds :nerd_face: :blob_hearts:

I also recommend checking out CinnamonToast’s BG thread (link to it in my bio)


I’ll check out theirs too (:

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thank you sm, I appreciate it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I also agree with @/FlowerGriefer for backgrounds!!! She has a whole thread with tons of backgrounds that are super creative!

I also have a drive, I have mostly miscellaneous overlays. You can click this link to check it out if you want :blush:

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I really like @tremsicle backgrounds. Here’s her links:

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You can see examples of my backgrounds on my drive thread…
Cheyara Skadi Background Drive

And instructions on how to gain access, via my Instagram @ cheyara_writes58

You can check out mine
Instagram epii jessica

aw omg that’s so sweet of you : D