Can anyone resize these images to fit some episode bg?

Thank you so much I need them for my new story coming soon




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omg these are so cool where did you get them?

Ha ha I got a friend to find me some

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They’re from @FlowerGriefer :smiley:

FlowerGriefer actually has pretty much all of the backgrounds re-sized when she sent them to you.

I recommend checking out this:

The sizes. 1136 would be the height while the three different numbers would be the width.


Thank you for finding her, when I went to upload them an error came up so thank you for recommending the website

No problem, the Queen FlowerGriefer’s so good at making and/or editing backgrounds, admire it as you upload it :+1:


:rofl::rofl: @JemU776 You just made my day ILY :joy::kiss::heart::tulip:

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