Can anyone review my profile pic for me?

I really need someone to review my profile pic for me cuz I’m making the cover for my upcoming story and I really need to know my mistakes so I can make an awesome as* cover
Heres the pic

I would really apreciate the help and will give credit to the people who helped me in the first episode of my story.


The my thing I could give is…Use fewer Hair lines And space them out

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Ok thanks. Is there anything else??

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When doing Eyeliner Always fill it in…

I just noticed on the Closed eye it wasn’t filled in

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Ok thank u very much for telling me

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Your Welcome

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I’ll be sure to tag u in my story.

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Thanks for telling me

The are a couple of instances where you’ve coloured outside of the lines - mainly around the hoodie.

The strokes in the hair should be a darker shade of blonde rather than black.

Other than that, it looks good so far.

The next thing you could work on is dimensions and proportion.

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